What we do...

Our Founding

In 2014 an education foundation was established under the IRS designation 501 (c)(3) to provide individuals and the corporate community a place to make tax-deductible donations in support of classroom projects, clubs, groups and organizations within the Greene County Tech School District. A volunteer board of directors distinct from the Greene County Tech school board and administration works in partnership with the district. Education foundations are established to support, complement and supplement activities and projects typically not funded or cannot be funded by traditional revenue sources within the district.

Why We're Needed

The trend of doing more with less is permeating the public sector and schools are no exception. An education foundation serves as the conduit to identify and secure funds outside a school district's normal revenue source. When the business community and patrons partner together financially to support the district, special projects and opportunities can be provided for students that extend beyond the traditional settings of the school day. The opportunity to provide needed funds for special or extra programs provides a strong sense of accomplishment as the community is working with the school district to strengthen the supporting relationship in providing for the needs of students to ensure that they receive a quality education. The real winners are the students who benefit from enhanced classroom and extracurricular activities. In addition to local support, many national, private foundations require grant applicants to file under a 501 (c)(3) status. The foundation will enhance the opportunity for teachers and administrators to secure grants in the broader context.


The GCT Educational Foundation was created to collaborate with booster clubs and other support groups within the school district to provide the best education for students. The goal is to work with these groups to provide more opportunities for students versus replacing alumni chapters or booster clubs. By working together, these groups can receive tax-exempts status from a non-profit organization. GCT has some of the state's most vibrant support systems. It is the hope of the foundation board, all existing entities will consider the foundation as a partner and asset to fulfill certain goals.

Dispersing Funds

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing criteria and awarding grants and scholarships. Projects will be funded based on how they align with district priorities. Donor specification will also be taken into consideration. Foundation grant proceeds may also be placed within a foundation and dispersed as needed for the project.